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john aka eaut
john aka eaut, The Car Guy
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My 2002 Sunfire wont start It was working fine the day before,

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My 2002 Sunfire won't start? It was working fine the day before, but in the morning it wouldn't start. The engine cranks over & over but won't start. I've checked for service codes with an OBD2 scanner but none were present. I replaced the following: spark plugs & wires, ignition coils, ignition control module, PCM, fuel filter, air filter, changed oil & filter. There is spark at the plug but I only see 2 sparks then there is nothing. The fuel pump turns on and I can smell fuel on the plug.
is the security light on? do you have access to a scanner with live data?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi thanks for your response. You obviously didn't read the whole question. An OBD2 scanner was used to access the CPM and like I said before there weren't any. The Crank Position sensor seems to be the most likely culprit. I removed the retaining bolt but the sensor was stuck. I tried pulling on it with a pliers and it broke. Now the car is on its way to a repair shop because we have to drop the oil pan &/or possibly take of the air intake manifold just to make room to work on it.

thats why i asked you if you had a scanner that shows LIVE DATA

if you do you would be able to watch cam and crank signal.

so a obd code puller and a true diagnostic scanner arer 2 different things. One pulls codes , a good one you can watch fuel trim, o2 sensors switching, coolant temp, vehicle speed and rpm etc etc etc

but i would say it is likley a crank sensor with a crack in it

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