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Brian Maxwell
Brian Maxwell, Pontiac Technician
Category: Pontiac
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Experience:  Many certifications for BCM,PCM,Ride control, and engine internel.
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how to reset a pontiac aztek 2003 service engine soon ligh

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how to reset a pontiac aztek 2003 service engine soon light?
Hello and thank you for using just answer my name isXXXXX you saying it wont go off when a machine is hooked to it? or will it go off and come back on? Thanks Brian
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
doesnt' come on with i turn it on. it turns on when i am driving, like ten minutes into the drive. took it to autozone and others and they say nothing is wrong, just have to reset it, but they don't know how to reset it.
Ok the only way to turn the light off is to fix the problem. So do you have the code that was pulled from the car before they reset it or from now. Thanks Brian
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

code? ah, when they checked it, no code came up. they said, sometimes the vehicle does that for maintenance check at like 100,000 miles or so. if i did a code what do i do?

Ok the light only come on if there problem the car may run great but the computer senses that one little sensor is going bad it sets the light. If it is a intermittent problem this explains why the light will come on whial driving after previously being off. So in a nutshell if theres a light theres a code stored. You may try to take the car to a good shop most of the time they will scan your car for free to tell you the problem. Normally just a oxygen sensor or something small. Thanks any other questions please feel free.
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