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Andy, Shop Owner/Mechanic
Category: Pontiac
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Experience:  2 year as Automotive Repair Shop Owner and Mechanic, Throubleshooting and Diagnostics
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Pontiac bonneville: driver door..control module..Fuses,and wires

What is wrong,with a 03... Show More
What is wrong,with a 03 pontiac Booneville? when the windows,power door locks,power mirrors on all 4 doors dont work? replaced in driver door control module. Fuses,and wires look OK.
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My name isXXXXX will try to help you.


Each door has own control module on this car, you will have to scan data from DDM Module for trouble code. Also there is a problem with a connector located under driver seat, if corroded all doors will stop working as well as mirrors and locks, try to look for it and here is steps for you to try:

1. Remove the driver's seat and lift the carpeting off the floor.

2. Locate a Tan/White wire in the wiring harness. This wire is routed to all the door modules and spliced together under the driver's seat. The wiring harness is located behind the driver's seat. Do not confuse this splice (S302) in a Tan wire from a ground splice pack connector (sp340) with Black wires used on older models.

3. Repair the wiring as necessary.

Please let me know if any code present, I can look-up information for you also. All doors connected by serial bus system on this car, if one malfunction, like short it will make all INOP.


Thank you,