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2004 pontiac grand am: ocassionally..the fuel pump..cranking

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I have a 2004 pontiac grand am. I am having problems with it starting ocassionally. I know it has to do with the fuel pump, because I can't here the pump come on when the key is turned on, but usually it will eventually start, after I re-charge the battery, due to too much cranking. A couple of days ago it completely shut off while driving. I know the fuel pump is coming on because I can't hear it when the key is turned on. I have heard of resetting the computer but these techniques do not work. Any advice will be great!
The resetting procedure is only for problems relating to the security system. If this was a security related problem, you would still hear the fuel pump run, the engine would start for a second or two and the engine would cut off. Your problem is with the fuel pump itself. It is common for a fuel pump to act up before failing completely. You will need to replace your fuel pump.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That is what I was afraid of. Is that something I can do myself? I have worked on cars my whole life so do you think it can be done at home?

It can be done at home. The fuel tank must be removed from the vehicle to replace the pump. Hopefully your tank isn't completely full when you try to remove it.


  • Drain the fuel tank. Refer to Fuel Tank Draining .
  • Raise the vehicle. Refer to Lifting and Jacking the Vehicle in General Information.

  • Object Number: 54520  Size: SH

  • Disconnect the quick-connect fitting at the fuel filter. .
  • Disconnect the fuel return pipe quick connect fitting.
  • Remove the rubber exhaust hangers. Allow the exhaust system to rest on the rear axle.
  • Remove the exhaust heat shield.
  • Loosen the fuel filler hose clamp at the fuel tank.
  • Disconnect the fuel filler hose from the fuel tank.
  • Disconnect the evaporative emission (EVAP) vapor pipe from the EVAP canister.
  • Disconnect the electrical harness from the multi-way rear body connector and fuel strap.

  • Object Number: 49897  Size: SH

  • With the aid of an assistant, support the fuel tank (1).
  • Disconnect the fuel tank retaining straps.
  • Lower the fuel tank.
  • Object Number: 14057  Size: SH

  • Disconnect the wiring harness from the fuel sender and the fuel tank pressure sensor.
  • Notice: The modular fuel sender assembly may spring up from its position. When removing the modular assembly from the fuel tank, be aware that the reservoir bucket is full of fuel. Tip the modular assembly slightly during removal to avoid damage to the float. Use a shop towel to absorb any leakage.

  • Rotate the retaining ring (1) while pressing down on the fuel sender assembly.
  • Important: Carefully discard the reservoir fuel into an approved container.

  • Remove the fuel sender assembly.
  • Reverse above procedure to reinstall.

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