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GmKindl, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Pontiac
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Experience:  15 years ASE Master Certified Technician, GM Platinum Pro Service Guild, 7 yrs in GM Dealerships
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Why am I getting a whining noise from engine when I accelerate?

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My car is making a whining noise when I accelerate. I haven't had any problems prior and had it serviced last month.

Hello and welcome to Just Answer.

Does the noise seem to be coming from the engine?

Does the noise increase if you rev the engine up in park or neutral?

Does turning the steering wheel seem to change the noise at all?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes..noise comes from engine. Especially the higher the RPMs and then when RPMs drop back down to 2-3 noise is reduced. It was making noise earlier when I turned the wheel but that subsided after I added power steering fluid. I did notice that my computer read my transmission temperature at 198 degrees.

Ok. Thank You for the information.

The noise it is still making very similar or the same as before adding p/s fluid?

How much fluid did you have to add?

That temperature for the trans is in the normal operating ranges, but thank you for providing all the info you can.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The same noise but not as loud. We added half a bottle of the fluid earlier today. Car sat all day and when driving home I heard the whining again especially when pulling into my driveway which has a really steep incline.

Ok. If the fluid level was low enough to need to add half a bottle then it's likely that the fluid in the p/s system is aerated (small air bubbles get trapped in the fluid). When this happens it's common to take some time for the air to make its way back out of the fluid. In some cases it may be necessary to either have the fluid flushed or put the system under a vacuum to help release the trapped air. The first thing to do would be to start the vehicle and raise the engine RPM to 1200-1500 in park and then turn the steering wheel all the way left then all the way right (from lock to lock) about 10 times. Then let the car sit overnight and see how it is in the morning. If the noise is gone then your are all set. If the noise is still present then you may need to take it to a shop to have the fluid flushed or to have a vacuum put on the system. Its also possible that if the pump were run low for long enough that pump damage may have occurred, in which case the pump will need replacement.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

If it were the P/S pump would that be covered under my powertrain warranty. I have 55000 miles on the car? Last question :)

I don't think so, but I am just recalling from memory. A quick call to your local dealer tomorrow would verify that though. But hopefully you won't need to make that call, I am confident that the air will purge from the system if it was just low. You should probably take note though to see if there is an active fluid leak, or its common for the system to seep over time and gradually loose fluid as well.

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