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how do you replace or repair a secondary air selenoid damper

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how do you replace or repair a secondary air selenoid damper in a 06 grand prix
or do you have a diagram

Thank You.
Hello and welcome. which part are you wanting to replace on the air pump system?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the engine code stated secondary air damper selenoid. so i want to take that off to clean any corrosion before i buy a new one, and im not sure where it is or how to take it off. Do you have a diagram.

ok, you probalby have a code P0410, and on this vehicle is usually the A.I.R. check valve on the back cylinder head. is this what you need instructions on?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
maybe i wasnt the one to read it the guy at napa said the suggested repair . but ill start there. the engine light comes on after an hour after being reset

Ok, I will post the instructions for the air pump check valve 90 percent of the time this will repiar the air pump, if you have a code P0411, if your not sure, might want to have the system scanned again, just to make sure what fault code is stored in the system.



  • Remove the fuel injector sight shield.
  • Remove the AIR pump outlet hose nut (1).
  • Squeeze the tangs together on the AIR pump outlet hose clamp (2) at the valve until they lock, and reposition the clamp





    Disconnect the engine wiring harness electrical connector from the AIR check valve.





  • Remove the engine sight shield bracket bolts (1).
  • Remove the engine sight shield bracket.





  • Remove the AIR check valve bracket upper bolts (1).
  • Remove the AIR check valve to exhaust manifold nuts (2).
  • Remove the AIR check valve.
  • Remove and discard the AIR check valve to exhaust manifold gasket (3).



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