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2004 Buick rendezvous: a loud humming noise..right front..louder

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I own a 2004 Buick rendezvous. It is making a loud humming noise from the right front. The noise get louder while turning right on curve and it is less while turning left.
The noise does not stop. it increases after couple of minutes of driving.
The transmission and motor runs fine and have no problem with it.
Welcome. What you describe is a bad wheel bearing. This is confirmed by the fact that the noise changes when turning as this changes the load on the bearings in the hub. I suggest you lift the front end and check for wheel bearing play. I suspect you will find some, and you should replace the left front wheel bearing assembly.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I mean with Right side, the passenger side has a problem. But you are telling me to replace the left front wheel bearing assembly ?

Please clarify.

Also would it be advisable to replace both ?

Sorry, I meant to say right front. I have not had my second cup of coffee yet.

I would only replace the one that is bad.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Same vehicle,

The automatic transmission jerks while shifting. I have about 165 K miles on it.

It does not jerk when it is cold in the morning but after driving couple of miles it start to shift hard.

1. What is the problem ?
2. Is there any product that can be added such as transmission treatment etc ?

There is a common issue in these transmission that results in a whine and the lurch, which is a harsh shifting. It is a sticking pressure control solenoid.. They tend to stick and cause a high pressure which causes the whining. The repair for this is to replace the solenoid. This is behind the side cover of the transmission. The part is 45 or so, but you do need to remove the transmission part way to get the cover off.


Addatives will not likely do anything to help this.