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Greg A
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I have a 2001 Sunfire. The brake light, turn signal, emergency

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I have a 2001 Sunfire. The brake light, turn signal, emergency flasher and speed control have all stopped working. I have checked the fuses, all good, looked at the wires, as best as I can see, they are good. I have also replaced the flasher unit and the turn signal/emergency signal switch on the steering column. I have also checked the light bulbs and all were good.

Hello & Welcome,


I just want to verify that this is 2001 Sunfire, as you have the optional information area with a Ford Windstar.


Also, did you test all the fuses with a test light or multimeter, while they were in the vehicle?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it is the 2001 sunfire. I checked the fuses both inside the vehical and took them out to test them. I checked them in with a multimeter and out with a test light.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Greg A. it is 9:42pm and I have a 0300 wake up to get to work. I look forward to your assistance tomorrow when I get home from work around 2:00pm. I need what ever passes for sleep no a days.

I also checked the light bulbs the same way, both in and out of the vehicle. Also, the running lights work. Just the brake, turn, and emergency lights. I am not all that warried about the speed control. I almost never want to use it but the kids do when they take the car.

Also, sorry for the late reply. I was out working on the windstar. Fixed that problem.

Hi again, sorry for the delay - I was off line for a while.


What I was looking to see is if you actually checked for power at the components, like the switch and flasher and bulbs, when you were trying to use them.


I understand about early wake up calls. I have them all the time.


I will see if I can get a schematic that will show where you can test for power to the lights. I believe there are separate fuses for the brakes, hazards, and turn signals, so there will be a few places to test.


Check back tomorrow and I should have that for you here.


Take Care, Greg A.

Hi again, Hope you got some sleep.


Here is the schematic that shows the main components of the brake lights, and the turn and hazard lights.




I forgot to ask you if the center brake light works. If it does, that proves that Stop/Haz fuse is good and the brake light switch (on the brake pedal) is good too.


If that is the case, then you will notice that the signal then goes to the turn signal switch, and then to the brake lights in the back of the vehicle.


What I would do is use a test light or multimeter to see if there is power getting to each of the bulbs, when the brake pedal is pressed. If you find no power, then you could turn on the hazard flasher and check again. You can also check that power is making it to the flasher module and it is coming out, in pulses, when the hazard switch is turned on. The pin numbers and wires colors are shown on the schematic.


Please let me know what you find to that point, and we can continue of necessary.


Take Care, Greg A.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My eyes failed open. Its 0234. I will do the test points as early as I can today. The center high brake light also does not work. I have not tested for power at any light.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi again,


Testing for power at the components is key. I would start at the brake light switch, at the brake pedal. Power should always be at the Orange wire (pin A), and should appear on the White wire (pin B) when the pedal is pressed.


Please let me know what you find.


Take Care, Greg A.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Well Greg A
I completed all of the testing that you recommended. In addition, I purchased and replaced all of the running lights, brake lights and any other light bulb including the dash lights. I had power where I was suspose to. and was getting ready to put a rag in the gas tank. However, the reading I got at the brake pedel was not constant so I looked closer at the wires. I was pulling lightly on one and it pulled out and shorted. So, I reinstalled it, I will get another plug tomorrow to replace that one and replaced the blown fuse. and every thing works - including the speed control that has not worked in 4 years.

I want to thank you for your most able assistance. It's been over 15 years since I have done this depth of trouble shooting. Althought it still feels good to be able to do it, head down, ass up under a steering wheel was never that much fun.

I want to thank you for your most able assistance. You answer the questions and kept pointing me in the correct direction. Thank you.

You are quite welcome,


I am glad you found the issues & restored operation to your long disfunctional speed control.


I just wanted to let you know also that you gave me a chuckle with your description of the "upside-down" troubleshooting process. I always like to refer that kind of work to the younger crowd now.


Take Care, Greg A.