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Pontiac Montana 2002. I changed its oil yesterday and today

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Pontiac Montana 2002. I changed its oil yesterday and today I found a massive oil leaking. I guess oil is coming from the front (side) of engine. What is the problem? Thank you, Jerry.

Hello & Welcome,


Can you tell where the oil is coming from?

Did you change the filter too?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I don't know where the oil is coming from but I changed the oil filter too.

Hi again,


Did you double-check that the gasket/seal for the old filter came off when you replaced the filter?


It is possible that the old gasket remained in place when putting the new one on. If that is the case, then with two gaskets will not make a good seal and the oil will pump out around that area (the oil filter).


I would check that first to make sure you have a good seal, as that is at the front side of the engine. Have a new oil filter ready to replace the one that is there now.


I hope this helps. Please let me know what you find.


Take Care, Greg A.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am positive that the whole filter was replaced right and oil isn't coming from the oil filter area it is somewhere about six to eight inches right from the oil filter.

I can't see what is on the engine there. Jerry

Hi again - Sorry for the delay.


Is that to the right when facing the engine? Toward the passenger side or the driver side?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Driver side

Hi again,


About the only thing I see that might be connected or related to the oil system is the oil pressure sensor.




It may be covered by the starter and hard to access.


What you have to do is let the engine cool down and then get in there with a bright light and perhaps a mirror to pinpoint the leak. I know it is hard to do with clean oil, which can be hard to see, but that is the beginning process. We have used dye that is put in the oil to make it easier to find the source of the leak, but I would think if you have a large leak, it would be easier to find.


I know it is messy, but it might be best and easiest to get a look under the van with a really bright light and then start it up for a few seconds to see if you can spot the leak. Of course this should only be done is a safe manor. It should really be up on a lift, in Park, and the wheels blocked. Do not put yourself or anyone else in danger.


I would still consider that the oil filter may not be sealing well and the oil is "squirting out" from around the seal and it is hitting the engine in that location.


Please let me know what you find.


Take Care, Greg A.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Greg A,
I was under the van moments ago. When I started the engine, oil was runnig down over the starter, just in middle of the starter. Must be something right above. I tried to see it with mirror, but it is no access. Is something there related to oil transport/pipe or sensors?
Thanks, Jerry.

Hi again,


The only thing I see in that area is the pressure sensor that I showed in the last message.


I also see that there is an optional "oil cooler" that can be used where the oil filter is located, but that is inserted between the engine and the filter.





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