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Pontiac bonneville: overheating..water radiator..running fine

Customer Question

I have a pontiac bonneville 2002 sle and it's overheating on me i changed the water pump, i also changed the thermostat and i flushed my radiator after i flushed it, it was running fine for a couple days without overheating and now its overheating again what might be the problem
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Pontiac
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 8 years ago.
hello, could you please tell me the motor size you I can get in the right data for this car
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
its a 3.8 6 cylinder
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 8 years ago.
ok ,could you please hang on I will look up some things and get back to you thanks ....guy
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yeah i have to go to work in a little bit but i'll leave my computer on
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 8 years ago.
hi,there is a small screw on top on the thermostat housing(bleeder screw) while the engine is running turn it counter clockwise until you see water/antifreeze coming out ,dont turn it all the way out,you should see a steady flow coming out then shut it,you might have to repeat it several times to get the air pockets out,also check the cooling fan to see if that comes on at all,that usually comes on around 214-225 degrees (f)If all of that is ok then it could be an upper intake manifold or head gasket problem,,first check the oil and see if it is a milkey color(light brown) if it is the upper intake mainfold is leaking,second if that is ok check for leaks at the front and rear on the intake you would see a small amount of antifreeze leaking,there was a campaign on this ,I dont know if they will still cover it.the last cause could be a head gasket problem,usually a block tester is needed for this ,a way to tell is if when the car is first started that it overheats very quickly   ..guy