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06 Solstice: with 50,000 comes back after a half hours driving

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Have a '06 Solstice with 50,000 mi. Getting a P0014 code. Cleared it and it comes back after a half hours driving. Once it even cleared itself, then returned. Should I replacing the camshaft position actuator or sensor? What's the chances that either one of these replacements will fix it? Should I be checking out or replacing something else? No performance degradation with this code that I can tell. Thanks Chuck

Replace the actuator and your problem should be taken care of, let me know if you have questions. Thanks


P0014 Exhaust Camshaft Position System Performance

Possible CausesSetting Conditions
  • Check the CMP actuator valve assembly for debris on the screens or clogging the port, missing or torn screens and oil seepage at the solenoid connector
  • Check the engine oil level and the oil viscosity
  • Check for excessive timing play
  • CMP actuator connector is damaged (check pins for damage, and for moisture)
  • CMP actuator has failed (it may not be installed correctly)
  • ECM has failed

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