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2001 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI: Stability..acts..the gas- jerks

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2001 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI- Service Stability System message light- right before this message comes on driver information center the car acts like i took my foot of the gas- jerks back- does this multiple times- then will do it and say Stability System Active- a few moments later does it again and gives Service message again??
Hello,have you had your codes checked with a scan tool at all?Has any work been done recently to the vehicle at all before this happened?Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes- it has been in twice- first time I was told it was just a bad sensor in the steering column- but that it wouldn't affect the driveablity of the car by not being replaced. Second- this did not start until the catalytic converter was replaced about 2 months ago


did you have the steering wheel speed sensor replaced at all the first time when you were told it failed and turned this message on?Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No i did not- it was very pricing due to the column having to be taken apart- once told that it didnt "need" to be replaced I did not do it- one other thing on the second trip to have it scanned I was told there was yet another sensor coming up as faulty- this one in the gas tank- again told it did not "have to be replaced" yet another pricey item due to removal of fuel tank- this one corresponds to yet another driver information message I keep getting of "check gas cap"- gas cap replaced- was told this sensor measures the vacumn in the tank but again- wouldn't affect the driveability of the car. this is driving me crazy- mechanic has test drove car on both trips in and says it does not "do anything" regarding the "pull back" if you will right before the service message comes up.
ok the sensor in the tank is the Fuel tank pressure sensor,and yes this should be replaced as it is for your emissions and this aids in burning off the gas fumes in the tank.If the pressure in the tank is getting to high and is not burning off the fumes from the purge solenoid being activated then this could cause your tank to vapor lock and cause the car to stall.The fual tank pressure sensor tells the engine computer when to pull vapors from the tank so it is a needed item to work.This snsor will not set off your service stability message but yet it would turn on your check engine light instead.Your service stability message is coming on again most likely because your steering wheel position sensor was not replaced or you may have another failure like a yaw or lateral acceleration sensor failing.You would have to have your chassis codes scanned again to see what codes have failed to be able to locate what is turning this message on again.But yes the stteering wheel position sensor doesnt have to be replaced if you dont want to.Also you may check with a local dealer because there is some updated programming for the chassis computer for faulty steering wheel speed senosr issues and it may be that the computer may just need to be reprogrammed instead of replacing the sensor.The charge for a reprogram is usually only 1 hour.I hope this helped,Thanks Pete
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I gave you a $5 bonus but do not see it in my confirm email- just the $9 I agreed to pay- did you get this/?
i did thank you very much,I hope this info helped,Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok good- I just wanted to make sure. I appreciated your time and info!
no problem alwayus glad to help.Pete