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Could a bad heater core cause my car to overheat Ive had

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Could a bad heater core cause my car to overheat? I've had steam coming from my AC vents for the past few days and was told that that is my heater core going bad. The radiator was full 2 days ago and there is no leak, But then today, my car overheated for the first time and the radiator was bone dry. I hardly think it's a coincidence, but don't understand how the two are connected. Please advise??? I can't afford to have much work done on my car in the first place, and don't want to get suckered into repairs that aren't necessary if it's like a cheap hose or something. Thank you.

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A leaking heater core does make the engine loose coolant causing it to empty out eventually and overheat. The core is definately your problem and you should get it repaired if you intend to use that vehicle.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My fiance's heater core is out in his car and this doesn't happen to him. He just simply has no heat. And where I live, that doesn't matter much. My fiance says that he can bypass the heater core. Would that work (assuming I don't care if the heater works at this point).
Yes, a bypass will solve your coolant loss issue from the heater core and stop smoke from comming out from the vents.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
One more question before I accept/ In order to bypass the heater core, we just disconnect the 2 hoses (the in and the out) from the heater core and connect them to eachother right? Pretty simple right?
Yes connecting the hoses is the way.
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