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1997 pontiac grand prix gt ... tachometer will quit working

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1997 pontiac grand prix gt ... tachometer will quit working while driving... the car will studder for a sec. but not quit and the tach stops and the service engine light comes on... but when i turn off the car.. restart the tach works.. but the engine light is still on.. but eventually goes off... this is sporadic but happens often... there is always a studder when it happens... i have replaced the ignition switch due to blower problems and light problems.. which worked and fixed that problem.... i have been told it could be the crankshaft position sensor ..?

I agree that it could be the crank position sensor, as it supplies the RPM signal for the engine (possibly causing the studder) and also provides the RPM signal for the Tach. This is assuming, that since you have the Grand Prix GT, that it has the 3800 engine. Crank sensors are very common on the 3800 engine. Usually, the sensor will set a P0336 or similar fault code, which may be why the light is on.

To be sure, I would reccomend you get the codes scanned, but if you would just like to know the most likely, I agree with the Crank Position Sensor.


Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it is a 3800 II motor V6 ... to clarify.. and it put the code up one time before.. but it went away for a week or so.. but now is back... so i will go price a sensor. Also.. is this a hard thing to replace... ? and where is it located..? thanks for the quick response..!
The sensor is located behind the harmonic balancer. If you have the special puller to do so, its fairly easy, but without the puller it will prove difficult. Also, the balancer bolt needs about a 24mm socket and is on very tight, which also may prove problematic. You might be able to find a parts store that has these tools to loan.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ahh.. ok... thanks again!