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2001 Pontiac Grand Prix: a trouble code that..INTAKE GASKET..LEAK

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On a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix, 3800 , is there a trouble code that would indicate the presence of a LOWER INTAKE GASKET LEAK? If not, how would one detect the leak?
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My name is Vladimir.
There is not a specific trouble code for a lower intake gasket leak issue, but such a leak can cause "Fuel trim system lean/ low oxygen sensor voltage" codes or " idle speed low" codes appear.
The leak could be detected several ways: listening for a hissing sound, spraying a carburettor cleaner spray in the gasket area ( the engine will react to that if there is a leak), using special equipment such a smoke machine leak detector and finally it is possible to catch such a problem by monitoring the Short and Long fuel trim data on a scan tool.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

If this gasket leaks into the Engine oil, will the effect on driving be similar to an MAF problem or failure?

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I think if this gasket is faulty, it does not matter what the engine sucks fresh air or the engine oil vapour. In both cases this will affect the IDLE quality, moreover the engine oil will cause a bluish smoke.
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