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I'm rehabbing a duplex. I'm not sure how far I should go in

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Hi, I'm rehabbing a duplex. I'm not sure how far I should go in replacing the drainage pipes. I have pictures to show to get a better idea. The 4-inch-pipe seems to be made out of steel. The duplex was built around 1906 in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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This piping is cast iron soil pipe. Obviusoly the smaller (2" nominal) pipe needs to be replaced. If the larger piping doesn't have an XH embossed on the hubs you should replace that as well. All the lead (grey pipe) must also be replaced.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you Rick, if I'm not mistaken, XH embossed would mean it's 1/2" thick correct? Whereabouts do I look for this mark on the pipe? Any other assessments I need to make in order to know if I should replace this vertical pipe or not? It's a second two story duplex so the pipe is pretty long in between walls.

XH stands for extra heavy. It's not quite 1/2" thick (more like 3/8"). It's the only weight cast iron soil pipe that might be worth saving after 100+ years (or when ever it was installed). Like I said before it's embossed (raised lettering) on the pipe hubs (the enlagred section at the joints). If you see nothing or an M (medium weight) the you need to replace it now or you'll wind up opening up the wall to replace it when it cracks or leaks later.

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