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We have a eco water system, water softener machine. salt ran

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We have a eco water system, water softener machine. salt ran out in the container and possible the machine still ran a few weeks. now the machine has been off for a few weeks. I contacted the eco water system and one persona said it can damage the machine's by not cleaning the internal system but other person said it should be ok. if salt run out. if it runs a few weeks with out salt does it really get damaged?

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It's possible that the filter media could clog up if there's no salt in the brine tank for an extended period but a few weeks won't hurt anything

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Customer: replied 2 months ago.

You're welcome

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Sorry but how much water are you supposed to put in the bank with salt? Currently there are some water in the bottom of the tank about 4" high filled up. i'm planning to fill up the tank about 3/4 with salt.

Put about a foot of water in the tank. The tank will refill the next time the system cycles. 3/4 full of salt is OK but you don't need that much. It's actually better to put less salt becuase it's easier to break up a salt bridge if there isn't so much salt in the tank. A couple bags is usually plenty. Just check on the salt at least once a week.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
you mean foot high from the bottom? you said the tank will refill the next time the system cycles but you mean it will refill the water or..?

Yes foot high from the bottom. The tank refills with water automatically every time it runs through a cycle.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thank you:)

You're welcome

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I pour the salt and turned on the machine yesterday evening. we used the water a few times so far but soft water is not coming out yet. is the softened water reserved in a tank and will come out little later? Or is it supposed to soften instantly and not reserved in a tank?

The salt disolves in the water. it doesn't "come out". The brine is used when the softener regenerates not when you just run water. If the level doesn't drop in a couple weeks poke it with a broom handle to break up a possible ice bridge. If it still doesn't go down after that you have a problem with the softener itself and you'll need to call a pro for service.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
it's normal to take some days to start softening? why does it take so long? And you mean, poke the salt in the tank??

If you have more questions about softner operation then please post a new question thread.