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Just replaced the trim only (used a T2113 trim set with tub

Customer Question

Just replaced the trim only (used a T2113 trim set with tub filler, shower head, shower head arm, valve escutcheon, handle, chrome valve sleeve and two white plastic spacers - we did not touch the valve and the shower has been working fine for the past 6 monnth with the old plastic handle) on a shower. When we remodeled the house 6 or so months ago, we isolated each bathroom from the main water supply with each bath (and the kitchen and laundry) with its own shutoffs very near each room (so it seems unlkely that debris was kick up inot the valve when we turned on the water. When we SLOWLY turned the water back on to the bathroom, the hot water trickles very slowly out of the filler no matter where the valve is turned. The hot water does not tourn off completely. When we have just the cold water turned on, the cold water runs ffulll blast even though the shower valve is in the off position. Any ideas? Also, the valve handle is about 1" away from the valve escutcheon. It seems to bottom out before it reaches the escutcheon. Why is this?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Hauserplb replied 8 months ago.

yes, you have debris in the cartridge. You'll have to pull the whole thing apart and clean it. Thoughthe debris may have damaged the seals, in which case replacing the cartridge is the best solution. The handle is due to a spacer that goes under the escutcheon that holds it out from the shower wall. You simply didn't install the spacer.