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This message is going to multiple companies in an attempt to

Customer Question

This message is going to multiple companies in an attempt to learn what available costs and solutions might be.
We are constructing a new home that relies on a well for water. We know it has sulfur, iron and sand although the sand issue is in question until a plumber and look at it further.
We've been told that filtration requires additional pipes (other than the new pipes already installed) to be run from the well to the house (about 150 feet from the house) and then through a filter and then separately into some form of disposal other than septic.
The problem is we don't know, what we don't know. Is this true, possibly true, is there a way to determine reality from someone trying to sell us an expensive solution when something else may work, we don't know? On the other hand, we don't have time or resources to pay for a solution that really won't work but appears less expensive and sold to us by an opportunist attempting to capitalize on our situation. What can you advise?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Daniel Plourde replied 1 year ago.

hi i am dan i can help you with this. do you know the hardness of the water and ph level? is it septic you have or city sewer?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
very confusing website, been going round and round on submitting a question. home is new construction, water from well, disposal is septic
Expert:  Daniel Plourde replied 1 year ago.

ok depending on the hardness level in the water will determine if you need a softener system and if it is acidic it will need to have a neutralizer. as far as the iron that is really not much to worry about. the sulfer can be controlled with a charcoal filter canister and sand can be handled with a sediment filter.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
the water in the area 97707 and is generally soft. the local plumber told my wife he would have to run separate pipes from the well to the house, then into a filter and then exit the house. he is the plumber to originally installed the pipes. what would prompt someone to tell us we would need separate piping from the well to the house........and so on?
Expert:  Daniel Plourde replied 1 year ago.

generally there is just one pipe coming from the well to the pump and then from the pump to an expansion tank. What kind of filtration system does he plan on installing? if it has a drain for it most areas will allow it to be drained into the sanitary waste but some local codes may not allow that and that is the extra pipe he is referring to

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Unfortunately, I cannot answer some of your reasonable questions today.I am not certain what an expansion tank is, are you describing the 6" tube from the ground to the surface, is there typically another tank somewhere (this I am uncertain of). He has not fully described the filtration system he would install but said it would cost about $3500. Saying something like that after he originally installed the piping to the home seems unusual. Everything I have seen online doesn't seem to match up with numbers like that. what I am seeing a sediment filter and sulfur / iron filter for much less. then again, I am not a plumber and really have no idea why the costs would be so different.
Expert:  Daniel Plourde replied 1 year ago.

the 6" pipe is the well casing. if it is a deep well over 40' it will have the pump inside that pipe at the bottom. if it is a shallow well the pump may be inside the house. from that pump there will be a tank in the house to act as storage from the well. from that tank is where any filtration will go and then branch off to the rest of the house. what may be done sometimes is once the pipe is in for the well a sample of the water is taken to determine the water qquality. from the sound of it it seems like you have fairly good water. if he is trying to sell you something extra get as many details as you can about what he is selling

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
my understanding is the well is about 30' deep. I have not seen any kind of tank, it appears there is just a direct connection from the well to the home (it is under construction). previously we lived in a home with a 600' well and 1500 gal storage tank so I am somewhat familiar with storage. this is different in that it is a shallow well, no visible storage, apparent direct pipe from well to the home. there is a manual lever from the well to an above ground pipe (living in a trailer until home is completed) for water access. the pipe got clogged earlier today requiring the plumber to come out and replace a rubber stopper at the end of a rod that opens and closes access to the well. the plumber said it sometimes gets clogged by sand in a well such as ours. then indicated he might (probably) need to run separate pipes under the home and into the house. my little brain says the pipe already exists, install a sand, sulfur, iron filter at the entrance to the house..........but again, I am not a plumber and don't know if this makes sense which is why i have contacted you
Expert:  Daniel Plourde replied 1 year ago.

if it is a new well it will have alot of sand in it from drilling but usually settles down in a few weeks. even if it is a shallow well it still requires a storage take to protect the pump and maintain water pressure.

Expert:  Daniel Plourde replied 1 year ago.

did that answer your question or do you still need help with this?

Expert:  Daniel Plourde replied 1 year ago.

do you have any more questions about this?

Expert:  Daniel Plourde replied 1 year ago.

if you dont have any more questions about this i would appreciate it if you could rate me on my service by selecting one of the 5 stars as that is the only way i receive credit for my response and close this question out. thank you for using just answer