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The cold water feed to a Gas geyser is from a 3/4" main with

Customer Question

The cold water feed to a Gas geyser is from a 3/4" main with a 1/2" reducing T.
The feed has 3 No. 90 Deg. bends and 2 elbows ( to overlap other pipes) before it gets to the geyser.
the cold water pressure is good at all outlets, the hot water pressure is considerably less and affects the performance of the geyser, gas cuts off, water overheats.
Will the following help?
a) Change the T to a 3/4" equal
b) Maintain the 3/4" feed to the geyser and remove 2 bends and 2 elbows.
c) Reduce the feed to 1/2" at the geyser
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Tyler Redinger replied 1 year ago.

Hey would like to give you some pointers with your geyser. First question would be what size is your inlet and outlet on the heater it's self? 3/4 or 1/2? What ever size they are I would say keep it the same all the way to heater,and the fewer the fittings the better flow. Have you checked for screens on the inlet and out let? Could be plugged with pipe shaving,glue,rust..ect.. let me know what you come up with thanks

Expert:  Tyler Redinger replied 1 year ago.

Hey how's it going? You ever get a chance to work on your low water pressure on your geyser heater?