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Can the water level in a toilet bowl be lowered?

Customer Question

Can the water level in a toilet bowl be lowered?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Rick replied 1 year ago.

Welcome to Just Answer, my name is ***** ***** I will do my best to help you with your issue. If my initial response doesn’t answer your question then let me know and we can continue our conversation.

If you lower the level in the tank the bowl won't have as long to fill and that will lower the level in the bowl somewhat. But if you lower the level in the tank too much the toilet won't flush properly.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Is there any way to know exactly how much you can lower the level? The water level in the bowl is a little high for normal use. There's a valve in the tank on the left side which has an adjustable plastic rod.
Expert:  Rick replied 1 year ago.

It's trial and error. There is an optimal level indicated by a mark on the tank or overflow pipe. Beyond that you just try different levels and see if you still get a good flush. You adjust the level by setting the float height on the fill valve (on the left with the adjustable rod).

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Okay to lower the water level do you turn the black screw (or rod) clockwise or counterclockwise?
Expert:  Rick replied 1 year ago.

Should be counterclockwise on most models. You're going to need to do some experimenting so you'll probably wind up working the float in both directions

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Counterclockwise works on this one. I lowered the level in the tank about 3/4". I used a metal measuring tape to see how high the water was. I think I talked to you before on JA. That was maybe a year ago about a different toilet job. It didn't flush right. I had to clean the jets under the bowl rim as I recall, and that solved the problem.
Expert:  Rick replied 1 year ago.

So how did it work out? if you still get a good flush at the lower tank level but the bowl level is still to high then you can keep lowering the tank level until it doesn't flush right