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I live in condo constructed of concrete and brick. My

Customer Question

I live in condo constructed of concrete and brick. My neighbor downstairs complains of h20 leaking in her bath ceiling which is directly above my bath. My plumbing lines to sink and toilet and floor are dry and wall does not appear wet.
she refused to have service go through her ceiling and insisted they demolition part of my walls and floor. on both sides of this load bearing center interior wall. This iwas unaccepatable to me but I agreed. This center wall contains main drain and supply lines to this building. My condo is between the only 2 condos in this concrete building. There is some dampness in the demolition hols in my floor but not running or standing flowing water,which is flowing through drips in her ceiling.The holes in floors (my) are extensive and she still insist that no demolition of her ceiling is warranted. Maintenance man performing plumbing not certified but has general experience. When the main H20 is shut off to my condo it appears her leaks slowly stop over several weeks..but not stop. About 6 so called plumbers cannot find the leak. How should this be approached? Note this neighbor had plumbing reconfigured to have her main H20 line go trough my closet,because she did not want the risk of any problems and mess to install. Done without my permission or knowledge. This line looks okay.Leak remains.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Rick replied 1 year ago.

Well, I'm going to suggest what really needs to be done is just what you wanted to do in the first place, open up her ceiling. At this point that's the only way to find the source her leaks since all other attempts have failed. It's not clear to me if nothing in your bathroom has been used for several weeks. Please clarify. If your bathroom has been used in the interim I have a few possibilities. Also I need to know if your tub/shower in that bathroom is tile or fiberglass.