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Replacing the toilet seat on my 2006 Kohler One piece elongated

Customer Question

replacing the toilet seat on my 2006 Kohler One piece elongated toilet. One screw came out no problem. The other just turns and rose about a 1/4 inch. seems to be a lower piece turning with the screw. How can it be accessed to get the screw out to replace the seat?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Marc replied 2 years ago.
These seats can be a pain when trying to replace them! In past, the best option I have found is to actually break the seat off itself (which gives more room to work), then use a pair of pliers or vise grips to lift and hold the bolt. Then with a hack saw or sawsall cut the bolt. Once cut, the "stuck" part will fall through the hole allowing you to place the new anchor in place for the new seat.
Expert:  Marc replied 2 years ago.
Other than that,you can try soaking with penetrating oil or rocking the bolt and anchor back and forth and hoe it breaks free. Chances are, you will end up cutting it.
Expert:  Marc replied 2 years ago.
Best of luck with your replacement. Please remember to click on the smiley faces when you are completed with the question. Have a great day!