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Our well pump has been cycling between ~30 to 60 psi and their is no noise from ~75 gall

Customer Question

Our well pump has been cycling between
~30 to 60 psi and their is no noise from
~75 gallon tank when cycling. Last Sat.
the pressure dropped to 32 psi and stayed their for the day with a slight
sound coming from the water tank but
not like running water. Shutting off the
pump for an hour or so, the pressure
stayed at 30 psi even with use. On
turning on the power, the tank made
all kinds of rushing water noises and filled to about 54 psi setting to about
50 psi after about 10 min. I have repeated this about 4 times. A well
company came about a month ago
and knowing that the pump was about
18 years old, raised the pump for
two sections of PVC and measured the
flow which was very good. The well is
about 440 ft deep. This problem is new.
Last summer in the drought I had to
change the water filter twice a week
for about 3 weeks.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Rick replied 2 years ago.
Your problem is not clear. It sounds like you're saying the pressure drops when nothing is being used. Is that correct? is your house on a slab?