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The pipes going to/from my hot water heaters are humming and vibrating. It is really stra

Customer Question

The pipes going to/from my hot water heaters are humming and vibrating. It is really strange and makes everything around it vibrate.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Marc replied 2 years ago.
Hello and thank you for using the service. I will be assisting you today to the best of my ability.
Expert:  Marc replied 2 years ago.
humming and vibrating pipes are typically caused by a couple of things. Many times, a faulty toilet fill valve (ballcock assembly) within the toilet can cause this type of noise. replace the fill valve and the noise will dissipate. As well, pressure reducing valves (typically located at the incoming water to the building near the meter) can cause this type of noise. One question I have is; do you have a hot water recirculating line on the water heater piping? This ensures instant hot water at the faucets. I would follow the vibration and noise back as far as possible by feeling the piping when it is making this type of sound. Attempt to find where the pipes are vibrating the loudest. If you can locate this, you can most certainly locate the source of the problem. As a general rule, I typically find the ballcock assembly (fill valve) to be the biggest culprit of the noises and vibrating piping. The 2nd biggest culprit is the pressure reducing valve. Lastly, backflow preventers also on occasion, will cause this type of noise. Backflow preventers are also located at the incoming main water area or outside depending on the climate area. Every one of these items are repairable, rebuildable, and replaceable.

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