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Rick Mather
Rick Mather, Building Inspector
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A few years ago, I had a bathtub liner installed over the existing

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A few years ago, I had a bathtub liner installed over the existing bathtub. I also had the tiled walls around the bathtub covered with a ‘liner’ made of the same plastic.

Recently, I have noticed that the bottom of the bathtub (liner) is ‘squishy’ – as if water had seeped into the space between the top of the old bathtub and the underside of the bathtub liner. When I press down on the center of the bathtub liner, the areas immediately adjacent to it bulge up ever so slightly, just as I would expect, as water is incompressible.

I can detect no leaks into, and thankfully no leaks from the bathtub, so the issue is chronic, not critical. Nevertheless, this is unusual behavior for a bathtub, and not one I wish to be permanent.

What can be done to correct the situation?

Rick Mather :

Your only option is if the company that installed the liner is willing to honor warranty by replacing tub. But most of these company's are long gone. with that said your best option is to rip entire tub out and replace it with brand new unit. I had to tell my motheri n law the same thing so don't feel bad your not the only person that got stuck with this cramp

Rick Mather :

the water gets in where drain connection meets both tub surfaces at drain, and has no way out and is growing mold and vermin

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