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Charles, Engineering Contractor
Category: Plumbing
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I live in a mobile home. I have rusty hot water coming out

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I live in a mobile home. I have rusty hot water coming out my cold water valves. It will come out rusty hot then cold and clear. Continues to go from rusty hot to clear cold water all the time valve is open. All cold valves are doing this including toilets.

Charles : Hello, and thanks for your question!!


Charles : it sounds like you have what we call cross over
Charles : this happens when you have a faucet valve that goes bad ant lets the hot and cold water mix in the pipes
Charles : it will normally happen with faucets that have a single handle
Charles : the cartridge valve lets the hot water get past the seals and force its wy into the cold pipes
Charles : it can also happen from a washing machine
Charles : washing mahines have a mixing valve inside that can go bad and cause the same problem
Charles : have you had any work done on the plumbing lately?


Charles : ok, i would start with the faucets closest to the water heater and turn off the water to that faucet, then run the water in the other faucets to see if it stops.
Charles : keep doing that until you find the culprit
Charles : if the cartridges are over 3 years old you should replce the anyway to keep this from happening

I have only one single handle faucet, the kitchen sink. Should that be the first place I start.

Charles : yes
Charles : all others are 2 handle? even the showers?

Where would all the rust be coming from

Charles : a very old water heater or old galvanized pipes
Charles : do you have galvanized pipes?
Charles : how plfd is the water heater?
Charles : sorry, how old

This just started tonight. Never had a rust problem. Do I have two problems or could the crossover caused the rust to begin

Charles : how old is the water heater?
Charles : it sounds like the water heater is bad

All others are two handle. Water heater is very old. Plastic lines ( water hose type lines).


All outside pipes are pvc

Charles : ok, t sounds like the water heater is bad. can you tell if the water seems hotter than normal?

Doesnt seem hotter. My water has always been very hot. If water heater is bad, would that also cause hot water to come out cold valves

Charles : it could if the hot water created enough of a presure difference between the hot and cold to cause the kitchen faucet valve to fail.
Charles : you should replace the water heater if its over 8 years old anyway because they only are really designed to last around 8-10 years before they go bad
Charles : does the water heater make noises whilte heating the water?

No noise. Just a sudden problem. Confusing. Are you recommending that I replace water heater first then check faucet. Or replace both

Charles : I would check both because the rust is from the water heater and the cross over is from the faucet.
Charles : if a small amount of rust got into the valve it could have caused that problem

Ok. Will see about getting it fixed tomorrow

Charles : I hope I was able to answer your question.
Charles : If so please remember to rate my assistance as positive so I get credit for assiting you.
Charles : d
Charles : Do you have any other questions in regard to your water heater ?

Not at this time. I will let you know tomorrow. If I rate you tonight will I be able to consult with you tomorrow

Charles : yes you can.
Charles : just reply back to the post tomorow and i will reply when i get the message
Charles : it may take a few hours to reply back to you depending on the time
Charles and other Plumbing Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok we changed the faucet and the hot water heater. No more hot water coming out of cold taps. We bled all the lines to relieve any air. Today my water pressure is fluctuating. Then I didn't have any water. Tapped on pressure switch at pump and pump came back on and I had water again. Noticed pressure switch was clicking on and off , on and off. Thus causing change in water pressure. Changed pressure switch at pump and problem still there. When water is running pump is clicking on and off every few seconds. Don't want to burn up my pump. Can you HELP please
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I sent you a reply tonight, there was a timer for response and it said you were reviewing my question. I no longer see any of this. I left the page and now I don't see any of this. Have you responded?

Hello again,

Can you give me the make and model of the pump, pump switch and float?




Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Don't have that info tonight. I read that not having enough air in the well tank could cause this. Could the tank have lost air pressure when water was off. When I did turn water back on it had an extreme amount of air in lines compared to other times. Would this be worth checking? I will get pump info tomorrow for you


I would be sure that all the air is out of the lines.

Thanks for the additional info.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No air in lines. Thinking that the tank at pump doesn't have required amount of air ( says 30psi). There is a valve on top of tank (like tire valve) to check pressure or add air. Also read that "bladder" can burst. Read not enough air would cause short pump cycles. Just so you can understand my craziness, I'm a 52 year old female with limited income . Try to be a DIY whenever possible, but may have to call in professional on this one. Lol
It could be a burst bladder. Do you have a local plumber that you can have check it out?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Added air to tank at well. Guage was not registering. Pump callex for 100 psi. So far working good. Waiting to see if it holds.air or leaks.back.down

Sounds good

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

On tank it says 100psi for tank. with air to 100psi friday morning. Today i checked with guage and it read 60. Must. Have a leak or does it read 60 because pressure switch is a 40-60 switch. i have good pressure and pump seems to be working correctly

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Looking for plumber in my area, thanks

Thanks for the update. Let me know what the plumber actually finds.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No accept button. How do i finish this process

Hello again,

It wasn't there because I wanted to wait until we were done working on your issue.

Thanks again,


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