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I believe my husband is tring to poison me. The plumbing connections

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I believe my husband is tring to poison me. The plumbing connections of water heater, water softener and whole water filtration system have been altered. It appears only the cold water and filter are hooked up to the softener, and the filter has white ctystals in the bottom, and I cannot open it. The It appears to have been rubber cemented shut. The water heater has a line going in with a shutoff valve and the line out has the expansion tank. They come in and out of the wall and are not attached to anything else.

There is a line coming out of the wall that goes into the water filtration unit, then into the softener, and the line out of the softener goes into the wall. There is a larger diameter line that goes out of the wall and right back in that goes through a pressure controller and has a shutoff valve attached.

Our reverse osmosis had been tampered with. Its the under the sink kind and the only way I knew was the hot and cold water were switched. There was an attempt to rubber cement the filter housings shut, but it failed. There was a greasy slightly petroleum smelling substance covering the first filter.

The dishwasher also has been tampered with, but I cant figure out how. I just know when I pulled it out to check it, the drain tube was so short it disconnected. The only way it could have been connected was if someone had gone through the wood of the barstool area. I checked and sure enough the counter supports appeared glued on. Also there was a new hole under the counter where the dishwasher sits that the drain tube goes through and attaches to the garbage disposal. I think they had to work on it and couldnt wait. They must have needed to replace the drainage tube and only had a small piece, so all that had to be done to improvise.

My husband no longer drinks the house water, but only drinks bottled. He came in and got some water from the sink, went in the garage, and when I opened tthe door he was dumping it on the ground. I called the police when I noticed the osmosis unit had been tampered with and they would do nothing. I am hoping a professional opinion on the setup of the units in the garage might help.

Sorry for the long explanation. By the way I was having symptoms, the worst of which were horrendous muscle cramps lasting 30 minutes or more in weird palaces like my thighs. Ive been careful about food and drink in the home and t bhai eyve gone away.

Please help with advise if you can.

Welcome to Just Answer. I will do my best to fully answer your question(s).


There is no way without being there 1st hand that I can tell what is going on. My advice to you is take pictures of EVERYTHING you have described. Bring them to the police so they can look it over. Maybe 1st bring them to a local plumbing contractor for their input would also have more standing with authorities if in fact there is something to your claims. In the mean time I wouldn't drink or use the water.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your advice. I will do just that.