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Phil, Mechanical Engineer.
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Hi , I am bulinding an outdoor bathroom off the grid out in

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Hi , I am bulinding an outdoor bathroom off the grid out in the country and am not worried about permits. I want to run the plumbing for the shower and the sink with pvc pipe and the water source will be from my garden hose. Can you find the right connectors for pvc pipe to connect to the normal sink and shower fittings? Can you advise me how to do this? I dont know much about plumbing, are there any sites or pictures you can send me to?
Welcome to Just Answer!.

I have been doing these sorts of jobs for 51 years... You must buy the sink and shower fittings first...THEN buy the plumbing fittings necessary to connect them... If I specify all that in the blind, even if I get it all correct, finding each part will take the better part of half a day as you search the bins for the parts/

the way to get this done the easy, fast and bullet proof way is to go to a big hardware store and ask to speak to their retired plumber in the plumbing department.

Make a pencil sketch of the job and have him help you select the sink and shower head and all of the fittings, supplies, glue, hangers and adapters it will take to put the job together... that will be painless... and take less than half an hour as a rule.

Let me know how that option looks to you... if you choose to rate my advice so far *positively... I will hold the question open without any time limit. That will come in handy later.

Phil and other Plumbing Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Phil , thanks for your answer, the only problem with finding some one in my hardware store who can help is a bit difficult, I am in Hawaii and lowes and homedepot just dont cut it here no one knows anything! They are never any help. One guy works all the departments. I do have the normal sink fittings and have not bought the shower stuff yet. What I want to know is it possible to run the garden hose to the pvc and the pvc to the sink and shower fittings? Also I am plumbing a toilet to a sesspool, I am also gonna use the hose as the water source do you know if i can find the right attachments to run the hose to the toilet fittings? And lastly I have been studying pics on toilet plumbing and it appears you need a vent pipe. The toilet is up hill from the sesspool about 100 feet away can I just run one pipeline from the toilet to the sesspool or do I need a vent pipe?? And what kind and size of piping do i need for the toilet to drain to the sesspool? What size pvc for the shower and the sink?




Hello again! You can buy a 'hose to PVC adapter' at most hardware stores. Or you can buy a female pvc adapter to female threaded pipe. Then screw a 'hose bib' onto that and have a valve and thread that you can attach a hose to.

All you need is one of these, then put tee's in the 3/4" pvc pipe to feed the shower, slink and toilet.


when the 3/4" pipe gets to the sink, toilet and shower, you can buy a PVC adapter that glues to the end of the pipe on one end of the adapter... and has pipe threads that you fit to the sink, and toilet and is not easy to find the brass fittings or hose connections you need to go from the PVC adapter to the sink, toilet and shower... you have to take those to the store and see what they have in stock to make that transition in the easiest and cheapest way.

You need to know that pipe threads are tapered and look like hose threads but are NOT compatible... it can be difficult to find the fittings you need... they all exist, but many stores only carry some of them... your best bet is to go to a local owner owned hardware store and buy it all there.

click that link. (there are all kinds)

Shut off valve for toilet and flex hose to toilet tank adapter, you have to buy these so they all fit each other... try them out at the store.. the clerk should be of some help




drawing of toilet piping

Run a 4 inch line from the toilet to the cesspool. Tee into the vent to attach the sink and shower drains.

There must be a trap under the sink.... have the hardware store fit that up for you.

there must be a trap under the shower... the hardware store has to fit the shower drain to the trap.... both of those drains should be 2 inch in diameter.

Getting the sink and shower traps to fit the 2" drain lines is tedious... ask the clerk to help... it can take me half an hour to try various kits they have available that all fit each other.

You will learn as you go.

Click here

Stay in touch as needed.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Phil, wow!! That is perfect! Amazing! One last thing i think, As I said before I am doing an outdoor bathroom off the grid, so The shower will be over a drywell and the sink will have a hose attached to it for the water to drain to the garden, so I dont need to run those to the cesspool, I am only running the toilet to the cesspool, The cesspool is about 100 feet away from toilet, to make sure i have you right you are saying 4inch pvc is good to run to the cess pool? And lastly do i need a vent pipe just for the toilet to go to the cesspool? It is a little uphill from the cess pool, so gravity should feed it to the cesspool. If i dont need a vent pipe it seems my job will be a lot easier?


thanks so much i really truly appreciate your help!!!


Hello again, the drain line from the toilet to the cesspool carries *solids... those need to be *floated to the cesspool. The pipe needs to be 4 inch AND sloped *evenly 1/4" to the foot toward the cess pool. So that if the cesspool is 100 feet from the toilet, the toilet needs to be 100' x 0.25 inches above the cesspool... that means that the toilet has to be 25 inches above the cesspool. and the pipe Must be sloped toward the cesspool evenly, no humps or sags in the line.

For that to work well there must be a vent pipe in the line within 3 to 5 feet of the toilet. vent pipe size needs to be 2 inches or larger.

if you are going to run the sink and shower drains to the shower, do not fit traps under the sink or shower, and run them slopping down hill at any angle you want, no vent is needed in those cases.

The toilet needs a vent because it has a trap seal, built into the toilet.

Stay in touch as needed, good luck with your project!


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