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tHE WATER MAIN FOR OUR WELL IS IN AN AREA OF THE BASEMENT THAT IS CONSIDERED A "SHELF", VERY DIFFICULT TO GET TO THE WATER MAIN, THE OLDER WE GET. my question is: can a pipe be installed and then water filters, etc., installed closer to where we can reach or does it have to be in very close proximity to where the water enters the house/the water main?
Welcome to Just Answer!

The water filters can be installed anywhere in the water line feeding the house.
That will filter all of the water, including bath water and toilet flush water.

You might be better off to just filter the cold water line to the kitchen sink... you can use much smaller filters that way that cost less and do not need to be changed as often.

Tell me why you need the water filtration, we can discuss your options.

. I will stay with you until the situation resolves. I hold questions open after positive ratings to allow for unlimited follow up.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

we have a water softener installed and i would like to add a whole house water filtering system, but both of these systems need filters changed periodically, and we have to climb up the shelf and cross over the basement to a corner of the house to do this. its difficult to do this. i wanted to know if a pipe could be run to the part of the basement that isn't a "shelf", has a regular ceiling of 8 feet. So my question isn't about a water filtration system but about moving the main water line to a different more accessible spot in the basement and then installing the water softener system and water filtration system next to that so we don't have to crawl across the basement to the corner where the main water line c omes from the well. sorry this is so long to explain.


Hello again,

Yes you can run the water supply piping to any place you want in the basement and move the water softener and water fltration there.

If the water softener is currently outside in an easy to access place however you might want to leaver it there and just run the pipe from the water softener into the basement filtering system.... basically you can run any pipe any place you want to.

... the work should be done by a licensed plumber however to insure there are no 'air traps' in the line,

If you choose to rate my answer positively I will hold this question open for 90 days so you can get additional help on the same time if needed as the work proceeds.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I guess it has been my understanding that all these filtering things (water softener hook up or water filtration hook up had to be close to where the water enters the house for some reason, so that is not necessarily the case? The tank where we put the salt is in the easily accessible place of the basement.