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Can I get a good enzyme type product to take care of drain

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Can I get a good enzyme type product to take care of drain bacteria causing musty orders at a regular big box store?
Welcome. I will stay with you until the situation resolves. I hold questions open after positive ratings to allow for unlimited follow up.

Generally the enzyme based drain cleaners work real well unless there is a root blockage or grade (slope problem) in the drain line. Not the case with the situation you describe.

ZEP is inexpensive and works very well.

Home Depot and many other large hardware stores carry it.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

that does look pretty good, what I have specifically for septic and I can't tell how many treatments it has.


It's not neccesary to block the drain for maximum contact and duration? I have the problem somewhere below a kitchen sink. Should I pull the trap and put a rubber cap on it to fill it up and let it sit for a while?




Hello again, there is no easy way to block the drain so the enzyme/ bacteria soaks in on all sides... blocking at the trap won't work for the rest of the drain line... it will all drain out unless you block the drain where it connects to the city sewer main or your septic tank ...and that is generally not easy or even possible..

Best is to just follow the directions. Then do not use the drain for a few hours, Ideally you use the product before you go to bed... that way it sits all night.

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