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Installing a Kohler 304 K na rite temp valve in a tub / shower

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Installing a Kohler 304 K na rite temp valve in a tub / shower master bath remodel.
1/2" copper per rough in installation instructions. Copper to dielectric connectors and threaded on all four inlet/outlets with tape and sealer per plumbing supply recommendation.

All is in - no leaks. No trim or spouts yet. When I open the valve manually, both the tub and shower nipples run water. Is this normal? Will this stop when I put shower head / tub spout on? Want to fully test before I close the wall and tile... for sure.

Marc the plumber : Hello and thank you for using the service. I will assist you today with your question to the best of my ability. DO NOT RATE SERVICE UNTIL COMPLETED.
Marc the plumber : My name is XXXXX XXXXX I hav over 26 years experience. I will do my beat to assist you today with your question.
Marc the plumber : Generally with this installation yes you will get flow from both tub and shower nipples without any restrictions such as the tub spout and shower head
Marc the plumber : Once the tub spout, shower head and shower arms are in place it gives enough restriction to force the water to the tub spout which will have a diverter on it. Once the diverter is closed on the spout then water will be forced to the shower head.
Marc the plumber : The one thing that I always concern myself with is the type of piping. If you have used pex to the tub spout you may have a problem as pex fittings are a bit more restrictive than copper so it acts as a natural diverter and will send water to the shower head (unwanted).

Thanks Marc... on the road....additionally, some Kohler literature says you cannot install a stop on the shower head. For on off use only while showering is it ok to use a head with an on off push lever? And are the dielectric fittings good? To protect the copper? I'll try a temp install of the heads this morning and answer back and credit you when I get home.

Marc the plumber : It is not recommended to use this type of stop due the the amount of back pressure exerted onto the diverter however i personally have one. So I won't say no. Also, dielectric unions are for 2 dissimilar metals. Copper and brass are similar. It is rare to use anything other then straight copper.
Marc the plumber : I'm just checking in to see if there is anything further I can do to assist you today?
Marc the plumber : Please understand: I am not paid a salary, I spend my personal time assisting you. I am only paid when you give a smiley face or star rating of 3 or higher for my assistance to you. Please remember to rate my answer after we have worked on the issue together to your satisfaction. Bonuses are welcomed as well as appreciated. Thank You!!
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