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Marc, Plumber
Category: Plumbing
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Experience:  Plumbing heating & home maintenance contractor
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Help. I am trying to replace my bathroom sink plumbing system

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Help. I am trying to replace my bathroom sink plumbing system and the connections to it. Let me send you some diagrams to explain what is happening. Should be pretty simple.

Marc the plumber : Hello and thank you for using the service. I will assist you today with your question to the best of my ability. DO NOT RATE SERVICE UNTIL COMPLETED.
Marc the plumber : My name isXXXXX have over 26 years of experience and I am here to assist you today.

Excellent. Just the guy I am looking for.

Marc the plumber : I am looking at your diagrams. So, you have successfully changed one of the supply stop valves under the sink.


Marc the plumber : It appears that you are having trouble with the cold water supply stop!


Marc the plumber : With the discription you give I would not be concerned with the pipe becoming loose from the wall support. Providing it hasn't broken a solder joint.

I understand and agree with that statement.


I don't think it has broken a solder joint.

Marc the plumber : Are you using 2 wrenches to attempt to loosen the valve compression nut?

Yes, a Pipe wrench and a large channel lock type one.

Marc the plumber : One on the back nut closest to the wall and one on the valve body itself?



Should I try something like WD40 to get it to loosen up?

Marc the plumber : Okay. My suggestion is to use the larger one one the valve and the smaller on the nut. Try and spin the valve lose from the nut instead of the nut from the valve. It's an awkward area but try and keep the two wrenches close to each other for leverage and remember the valve body will and pliers will want to turn to the right side of the cabinet (if your pipe wrench on the valve is on the bottom side of the valve body)
Marc the plumber : WD 40 won't do much. It doesn't seem corroded

Yes, that is what I was doing. I used the pipe wrench to grasp the back nut and wedged the handle against the drain pipe so I could grasp the channel lock and turn it from the nut. The position is so difficult to get any kind of leverage.

Marc the plumber : Remember the pliers pull opposite of each other.

Yes, I know. I already did one right.


Its this one that isn't giving up.

Marc the plumber : I always need to check...sometimes just moving from one side to the other it gets confusing.

I think I am going to borrow a bigger pipe wrench and try that.


then I will have 2 pipe wrenches

Marc the plumber : I would recommend wedging the channel locks and using the pipe wrench to turn instead
Marc the plumber : Not a bad idea. It will come apart and as I stated the support in the wall is not a big issue

Yes, that would work if they were real channel locks. They are really just large pliers.


Let me go borrow another pipe wrench and see if that works. I will check back in about 15-20 minutes.

Marc the plumber : Aha, understood. I agree a 2nd pipe wrench wouldn't hurt

OK. I will be right back.

Marc the plumber : Okay sounds good. If I don't respond immediately please be patient I may be assisting another customer

OK Marc, I got it all solved. Part of the reason for the difficulty was that I had not opened the valve to let out the pressure in the line. That was dumb on my part.


Secondly, I got the right tools from my neighbor and that helped a lot.

Next, I went and bought a ferule puller from my local plumbing dealer and that got the old one off so I could put on a new one.

The lesson in all of this? Use the RIGHT TOOLS to do the job!


Thanks for your help in getting me through this.

Marc the plumber : Oh my...and I was worried you may have been attempting to turn the right way! Yes pressure is a terrible thing to fight. You typically won't win against pressure.
Marc the plumber : A puller is a great idea to remove the ferrule as well. Many will simply reuse the old nut and ferrule but it is always best to start new to avoid future issues.
Marc the plumber : The right tools for the job is always best!!
Marc the plumber : I am glad you were able to complete your project and the best part is that you learned something along the way. I have always said that if you didn't learn something today then you didn't do enough. Great job!
Marc the plumber : Pleas remember to rate your experience and have a great day!!
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