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i recently got an offer from my local water provider to buy

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i recently got an offer from my local water provider to buy insurance that covers repair of my water supply line from shutoff to meter. my home was built in 1928. i'm pretty sure there has never been any replacement since city engineering dept. did not have a record of replacement plus at the meter if you scrape away dirt and corrosion the pipe is definetly not copper. the policy costs $3.99 per month with no deductible nor cap on repair. the coverage is called water service line coverage and company is home serve. your opinion will be greatly appreciated.

Jerry's Advanced Plu :


Jerry's Advanced Plu :

I would take that because you service is probably lead pipe this is a problem for multiple reasons,for one its lead for another it will diminish volume of water delivered to house.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

my water company says it did an exhaustive search and found this to best plan for it's customers. iv'e never heard of such insurance. is water company benefiting by this offer. should i assume they are truthful and this plan is best. thanks

I would check that this offer is ligitment and if so take it.
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