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I want to install a Kohyler K-18486 freestanding faucet with

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I want to install a Kohyler K-18486 freestanding faucet with the K-18492 tiser tubes, but I am using a non-kohler tub. The tub cannot be drilled, as the install sheet for the K-18492 riser tubes suggest. I am looking for an alternative to secure the riser tubes to the overflow drain (exposed, and external to tub). Can you offer a suggestion?

Welcome to Just Answer. I will do my best to fully answer your question(s).

A local plumbing supplier or contractor can order specific pipe clamps in the sizes (likely 1 1/2") that are a chrome type finish that can secure the risers (1/2" ?) then the drain with a chrome rod that can be cut to exact required length. the rod is then fastened to the pipe clamp with a hidden set screw. Sorry I do not recall the exact name of these types of clamps but I have purchased them once long ago for a job I once did. It looked very nice when finished. Best to see if a plumbing place can order them. I highly doubt you would have any luck at a home depot and such. But I would write them off either. They may have the same clamps in a non- finish like black iron pipe though.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The risers come with parts something similar to your answer. However, the fastening rod and support has a screw at the end that is supposed to be drilled into the tub, If the tub is cast iron or volcanic stone, then the screw connection is useless. I would like you to provide the name of the pipe clamp you are referring to. There are two risers (hot/cold) 3/4 that need to be secured external overflow drain (1 1/2).

Here is a clamp similar to what I am refering to:

Looking at google images there are a few different designs that would work for your needs. You get one size for the riser (total of 2- 3/4" and 2 that are 1 1/2") use the rod in between to secure it all together.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok, I see that it may work. I wonder if there is a formal name for it other than chrome pipe clamp?

Each manufacture has it own name for their specific clamp. I call them a metal "full wrap" pipe clamp. Some call them a clevis hanger clamp.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Another thing I saw was pipe holders, one for each riser, screwed into the wall. That might work too. Thanks for your help

That is a much more secure application if it is an option for you. Sorry i did not ask that question, I thought of it but forgot after looking up pictures for you.
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