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qwasert, Plumber
Category: Plumbing
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we just installed a gas tankless hot water heater and it just

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we just installed a gas tankless hot water heater and it just blew up
we need a technician for our area to come to our house
we live in xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
[email protected]

qwasert : Hi, Welcome To Just Answer. My name isXXXXX will do my best to help you figure out your problem or the best course of action.
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

Hi Ben. I just hooked up A Rheem tankless condensing hot water heater. The propane line was just run today and when we powered up the unit and turned on the hot water we received an error code of 11 sometimes and 12 other times. The gas valvwe was fully on but the unit would only run a few seconds and cutoff and show the error code. The last time I tried it there was a small explosion that almost took off the front cover,I turned everything off and disconnected power and gas. The Rheem tech said we were not getting enough propane but the gas company said we had enough. What do we do now?

JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

are you there?

JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :


JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

is someone going to get back to us?

qwasert : Hello, how are you?
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

not good right now with a new unit that has just blown up

qwasert : Sorry for the delay. Has your unit been converted to run on lp or was is prebuilt for lp?
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :


qwasert : When you say blown up did it actually blow up or are you just receiving error codes?
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

It almost blew the front cover off.

JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :


qwasert : That sounds bad! Did you install the unit yourself or was it professionally done?
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

I installed it myself

qwasert : Did you follow the venting requirements exactly?
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :


qwasert : What is the make and model of your tankless?
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

Rheem RTGH 950VLP

qwasert : Have you already researched the error codes?
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

According to the manual 11 is gas valve not on all the way and 12 gas service is interrupted or low. That's why I talked to the gas company.

qwasert : Did the gas company install a LP pressure reducer rated for 11 ounces of water column?
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

I have no idea, they install tankless heaters and are famialair with the process. He installed a regulator insid the house next to the hot water heater to maintain a 2 lb pressure. The tank is 116 feet from the unit and he used 3/4 inch line.

qwasert : Your tankless should have another pressure reducer, the maximum gas pressure the tankless should receive is 11 oz.
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

Are you saying it was getting to much gas, if so why the error codes that suggest it was not getting enough?

qwasert : If you have to much gas pressure it cod cause all sorts of malfunctions in the unit and possibly irreversable damage.
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

How can we tell and what do we do now?

qwasert : Install a LP pressure reducer infront of the tankless and try it again.
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

Should I be concerned at this point about damage from the blast. The door was bent pretty good but I do not see any damage inside?

qwasert : It could have been loose gas that flashed and may not have caused any severe damage.
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

Any way I can tell other than powering back up after the gas company comes back out/

qwasert : You can look for anything that may have gotten burned. With the explosion you described there won't be any heat buildup just a pop.
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

Do you know of any service companies in northern Texas?

qwasert : I am not, I work out of northern Utah, you can input your information on Rheem's website and they will be able to give you a list of loc reps or installers.
JACUSTOMER-wfjxrqka- :

Ok, thanks for the help.

qwasert : On the contact page there is a link that says find local contractors. Your welcome and good luck!
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