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qwasert, Plumber
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There is a 4" Schedule 40 Type 1 PVC waste water pipe hanging

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There is a 4" Schedule 40 Type 1 PVC waste water pipe hanging along a long 8' high cinder block wall in my basement. The pipe is around 24' length over all with a slight incline. There is a section of the pipe which passes over a wood stove which is connected through the same wall into the chimney. I don't use the wood stove because of it is too close to the
PVC pipe, as is the flue pipe which is less than 2' below the PVC pipe.
My question is, can a section (about 7') of the PVC pipe above the stove, be replaced with a metal pipe. The goal here is a more heat resistant pipe in case the stove is ever used
in a serious manner, such as a power outage in mid winter. I do not wish to disturb the
remaining PVC pipe more than necessary.

qwasert : Hi, Welcome To Just Answer. My name isXXXXX will do my best to help you figure out your problem or the best course of action.
qwasert : How are you today? Five me just a moment to review your question.
qwasert : Absolutely you can replace a section of the PVC pipe with 4" cast iron pipe. Using a couple of rubber band clamps on each end to connect the plastic pipe to the cast iron.

This would best be accomplished by a professional plumber, right?

qwasert : Cast iron is a tricky material to work with, it is quite heavy and will require additional supports. If you have the means to hire a professional I would recommend doing so.

Also are the joints between the PVC and the cast iron reliable and durable so I would not have to worry about leaks

qwasert : Yes, the joints are very durrable. I have plumbed many buildings using all cast iron and rubber band clamps call no hub cuplings. i have also done a dombination of both cast iron and pvc pipe. The heat deflecting shield is a good idea as well. If you can achieve a 1/2" space between the deflector and the cast iron pipe there would be no need for a cooling fan.
qwasert : How are we doing so far?

Do you have that specific situation of a need for heat resistance pipe in one area then back to PVC in your experience? I was thinking of a length of about 7' centered above the stove. The rest of the PVC pipe will be hidden behind enclosures I am building now to finish part of the basement.

qwasert : I have used cast iron for penetrating fire walls in the past because of its heat resistance and that it won't melt under extreme temperatures.

Thanks for your time, I will check with a local plumber soon to solicit a bid for the work.

qwasert : As far as a heat baffle goes, I would use 20 gauge galvanized sheet metal, it's quite a bit less expensive than stainless.
qwasert : You are welcome, let me know if you have any more questions.
qwasert : Please rate the service I have provided and I hope you have a great day.
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