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Marc, Plumber
Category: Plumbing
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Experience:  Plumbing heating & home maintenance contractor
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My Rinnai Infinity 24 is not working after a storm. how do

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My Rinnai Infinity 24 is not working after a storm. how do I restart

Marc the plumber : Hello and thank you for using the service. I will assist you today with your question to the best of my ability. DO NOT RATE SERVICE UNTIL COMPLETED.
Marc the plumber : Please understand: I am not paid a salary, I spend my personal time assisting you. I am only paid when you give a smiley face or star rating of 3 or higher for my assistance to you. Please remember to rate my answer after we have worked on the issue together to your satisfaction. Bonuses are welcomed as well as appreciated. Thank You!!

Hi Marc - What can I tell you to help

Marc the plumber : Hello
Marc the plumber : was the storm an electrical storm?

Yes - the storm in melbourne involved a lot of lightining, hail and wind

Marc the plumber : Did the rinnai have any error codes displayed?
Marc the plumber : Okay

There is n remotes with the waer heater it is an old fashioned one

Marc the plumber : Okay so it isn't the 24e. Just the model 24.


Marc the plumber : The only reset these units have is to shut the power off and then turn back on.

OK - I have tried this already - Shoud I leave it off for a few minutes prior to turning on again

Marc the plumber : Yes i usually recommend about 3 minutes.

OK - I will try this and let you know how I go

Marc the plumber : Is there any power at all to the unit? Is it trying to turn on?

It appears to be trying to start when I turn the gas off and back on

Marc the plumber : Okay that's hopeful

'Talk in 3 minutes

Marc the plumber : Make sure the water and gas are back on after shutting off the power for 3 minutes

no luck Marc - should I have turned the water and gas off before turnig off th epower?

Marc the plumber : No it wouldn't make a difference, as long as they were back on before turning the power on.

Any other options before I take a cold shower

Marc the plumber : It appears that the control board may have taken an electrical spike. You are certain you have gas available

yes - have just checked the stovve all good

Marc the plumber : I am sorry I believe you may need to have the unit serviced. Are you handy with an electrical tester/meter?


Marc the plumber : Okay, I was going to try and walk you through some test procedures. So I suggest contacting your local plumber and have them assess the unit.

Thanks - now how do I rate the service given I did not get the unit restarted? I want to be fair

Marc the plumber : I am guessing that the unit took a spike from the electrical storm or power outage which has effected the control board.
Marc the plumber : I cannot tell you how to rate. However the rating is based on my service to you.
Marc the plumber : Good luck with your repair. I wish you the best of luck.
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