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This question is for RIC the Plumber..HI .. (Im surprised

Resolved Question:

This question is for RIC the Plumber..HI ..

(I'm surprised you got notifeied at all because the web site kept returning an error message last night)
I am doing some plumbing for a wood boiler and I have a Question about the use of a HW aquastat plumbed in line to trigger a dump zone and possibly a pump.

I have on hand a HW L6006 and a HW L4080. What I have started to do, to trigger a dump zone, I to tee off my supply line from the boiler, close to it, and to configure pipe to that it i deep enough to accomodate the probe of the control..essentially mimicking the tapping on a boiler... The L4080 has a threaded probe, the L6006 just has the copper lead and then a probe.

Assumming what I just told you works, (this would be 24v), I plan to run a tt line from the control so that when at water is at the desired set point (break circuit on set point), the zone valve for the dump zone will open. I plan on running the line and pigtailing it in with the proper zone in my Taco ZVC4000 zone valve controller, which I am hoping will energize the pumps and the zone valve..the zone valves are HW motorized 4 wire zone valves.

Please verify that this would work, and which control would be best to use, and also which contacts on the control to use for open on set point..
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Rick replied 4 years ago.
I will do my best to help with your issue

You can tap into the supply riser like you describe. The closer to the boiler the better. The stat that just has a bulb is made to be inserted into a well which is available at any plumbing supply house. I suspect your other stat with the threads is actually just mounted on a well already. As far as the aquastats go. You need one with 3 terminals. With the 3 terminal stats you have 1 common and one that makes on temp rise and one that breaks on temp rise. I don't recall which terminal makes on temp rise and the manual for this type aquastat is no help. You can check this easily enough with a continuity tester. At room temp (assuming you have the stat set above room temp) the terminal with no continuity is the one you want to use. It's not clear to me where you are piping the dump zone. It sounds like you want the dump zone aquastat to override the household thermostats and open all the zone valves.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You said: 'It's not clear to me where you are piping the dump zone. It sounds like you want the dump zone aquastat to override the household thermostats and open all the zone valves'


No..the Taco ZVC4000 has provisions for 6 tt lines..I utilize 4, one of which is my basement zone...what I was trying to explain is that I intend to tie the tt line from the control to the existing line for the basement zone just tieing into 1 zone in the controller...


Yes..One of the controls has the well on it...I should be able to just remove it from one and put it on the other, correct?

Expert:  Rick replied 4 years ago.
You should be able to remove the well and use it on the other stat. Wells are pretty much universal. The main difference being the size of the tapping and the well itself. But since both stats that you describe are single aquastats then the well should work on either one. Now I get what you want to do with the zone control and yes you can use the one of the ZVC zones with your aqustat connected to TT instead of a thermostat.
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