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Rick, Construction Supervisor
Category: Plumbing
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I have a Kenmore water softener, model series 300, appears

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I have a Kenmore water softener, model series 300, appears to have been manufactured in 2006.
Its causing intermittent water pressure problems. For a bit I'll have decent water pressure, but then it just slows to unbearable. I have run a manual regen about 5 times in a row. It seems to have helped slightly, but not much.
Switching the bypass valve on the softener relieves all water pressure problems.
When it does work, the water quality is good, although I have had the rare problem of a bathtub filled with brownish water.
From the history of the previous house owner, I highly doubt if the unit has ever had normal service.
The salt level is fine. There are no salt bridges. I have not checked the venturi valve and other maintenance parts. The drain hose is not clogged and does drain, but it doesn't expel as much water as I would expect it would based on the specifications.
I called 3 local plumbers - the first 2 told me that low end Kenmore softeners like this are never worth the repair cost. The 3rd said they would come out for a flat service fee, plus any repairs thereafter of course. The 1st said they refuse to rebed any kenmore unit ever.
Generally speaking, is a unit of this age and with these symptoms worth a service call, or is it just a disposable unit?

Rick the plumber :

Welcome, I will do my best to help with your issue

Rick the plumber :

I would agree with your 2 other plumbers that this unit is not worth the repair cost

Rick the plumber :

It sounds like you need to re-bed the softener giving your flow problems

Rick the plumber :

A new 300 cost about $280. Fixing this unit is likely to cost much more

Rick and other Plumbing Specialists are ready to help you
A reconditioned 300 costs $140