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qwasert, Plumber
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The hot water starts with good pressure and then dwindles down

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The hot water starts with good pressure and then dwindles down to little pressure. We have all kinds of hot water just low pressure. What could the problem be?

qwasert : Hi, Welcome To Just Answer. My name isXXXXX will do my best to help you figure out your problem or the best course of action.
qwasert : How long does the water take to start coming out slow, is it pretty quick like 5-6 seconds or does it taper off over a period of 10 min?

It takes about one minute or less

qwasert : Okay, is you're water heater 5 or more years old?

No it is 3 years old.

qwasert : Okay, does you water flow fine on the cold?


qwasert : Here is my recommendation, the nipples where the cold water and the hot water to in and out of you're water heater can be corroded and plugged with calcium and rust quite easily. Disconnect the water heater and replace the nipples that go into the water heater. These are inexpensive and can be purchased at a local hardware store.

The hot water nipple is open but did not do the cold would that help?

qwasert : It is possible that either or both can plug off. What is the age of you're home?
qwasert : Do you know if you have galvanized, copper or plastic water pipes in you're house?

1918 but plumbing has all been redone in copper. Could it be the water softner causing the problem?

qwasert : You could set the water softener into bypass mode and see if the situation improves.
qwasert : Is the softener only connected to the hot water heater?

No it's connected to cold water.

qwasert : If the cold water flow is fine and the hot water flow is slightly diminished I can't imagine it is the softer as the source of the problem. Is every faucet in the home having the same problem?
qwasert : Are you still there?

yes my husband is checking the pressure now, he bypassed the softner and the pressure is fine now. Thank you

qwasert : Okay, great. Problem isolated to the softener.
qwasert : Please click on accept and rate my customer service. As always, you can still continue to ask questions about this problem should one arise later.
qwasert : I hope you have a great day!
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