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We have an AQUA-AIR water system tank. Model Nol V60; Serial

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We have an AQUA-AIR water system tank. Model Nol V60; Serial No. GK9621; No. C69
With no water being used through out the system the pump will start and pump until pressure reaches 70lbs per pressure gage, a few seconds later it will start for a few seconds and stop and then a few seconds later it will start again for a few seconds and stop. It does this every 30 to 40 minutes. Pressure taken at the valve stem only shows 62 pounds. HELP.
C.R. Bush, Aiken, SC
I will do my best to help with your issue

Based on your description it sounds like you have a leak. If there are no signs of a leak the leak is most likely in the line between the well and the holding tank. You should not add air to the bladder unless it has lost it's original charge (almost never happens). Aside from finding the leak you need to turn off the pump and drain the tank/system to zero pressure then check your tank charge which should be at 2 psi less than the cut in pressure on the pressure switch
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for the answer to our question. Did as directed and problem has now been resolved.