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I have a delta shower valve (new style with scald limiter)

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I have a delta shower valve (new style with scald limiter) that was not letting enough water through so I went to Home depot and bought the replacement. While installing it, there was no problem (the old one came out easily). But after finishing, absolutely no water comes through the valve, regardless of how I turn or adjust. Any ideas?
Welcome to JA! These are pressure balancing valves, so you have to make sure the hot water also has pressure coming into the valve, if not it won't let any water come through.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

so you are saying that there is either no hot or no cold water going into the valve.

Or how do I check it? turn the water off, take the valve off, then turn it on slowly to see if something is coming out both sides?

I'm saying this is a likely possibility. if you have another person to help you, then the easiest way is to remove the cartridge, and watch inside the valve while someone turns on the water. you should be able to the water coming in both the hot in the cold, this should be done anyway to flush out the lines.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the hot side is weaker than the cold so there is more pressure on the cold side. I cannot change that. I took out the center plunger to allow free flow and that did not work.
There are several cartridge styles that look almost identical but are slight different, are you sure the correct one is installed? If so, then i think the new one is faulty and you should return it. The old one probably has debris in it. Also you are only going to get a much pressure as the lowest side.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Sorry , Had to leave. I went back the next day and took all the guts out of the valve and it would still not work. So I decided the problem was in the pipes leading down and/or up. could not get any type of snake to go through completely so decided to force water back up the pipe from the tub side and was able to force it out through the shower spout. It opened it up some but not the same amount of pressure that comes into the valve. it is slow and imposible to shower with. So I concluded that there is something stuck in the pipes at or in the valve housing and dont know how to get it out without replacing the whole thing. any suggestions.


Take off the shower head, connect a garden hose to the shower arm using the appropriate hose adapter, remove the cartridge, and force water down through the shower pipe. This should flush out any obstruction in the valve. Otherwise you will have to replace the valve and possibly some pipes.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Agreed, I could probably buy a 1/2in thread to hose adapter and try that to see if it flushes the obstruction. thanks for your help.


You are welcome. Thanks for using just answer!