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I have no water pressure to my kitchen sink. It is fine everywhere

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I have no water pressure to my kitchen sink. It is fine everywhere else in the house except the washer, where the hot water just trickles. I have searched and cannot find a leak anywhere--no water or soggy floor or drywall. I do have very hard water, so I drained the water heater. But the pressure hasn't improved. I do have a pull down faucet in the kitchen, but I have the spray nozzle removed. I can't find a way to clean the hose out if it is blocked with lime granules. Help?

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Do you have good pressure coming out of the kitchen sink hose with the head removed?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No, it is still just a trickle. And the pressure to the dishwasher has diminished in the past couple of months too.
Thank you. The next step here is to disconnect the supply lines at the faucet itself (turn the supply stops off 1st!) Then place the open end into a small bucket and turn them on one at a time hot then cold. IF you have good pressure there then you know the obstruction is in the faucet somewhere. IF the pressure is bad there, then the blockage is either in the shut offs them selves OR in the water lines leading to these shut offs. I suspect the latter becuase you mention the dishwasher is slow also.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What do I need to do if the problem is in the water lines?
Copper or galvanized material piping? Do you know which? If galvanized I recommend calling a plumber to help. They might be able to get it unplugged. But that is tricky and if done incorrectly could really cause more damage than good. If copper i would see if the pressure is better in the cold and IF so connect the cold supply onto the hot supply. You may need a different connection hose with the same size connections to do this. Then turn the hot water supply valve inlet off at you water heater. Turn on the hot side of a tub faucet. Then turn the cold side on under your kitchen. You are trying to push the blockage out through a larger opening which the tub hot outlet is to some degree. There are other ways to accomplish this but this is the simplest to describe for you online. I doent recommend this with galvanized piping without seeing the piping for myself. I dont want you to make matters worse with older piping. A plumber hopefully can do this relatively inexpensive short of replacing the entire waterline.
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