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Phil, Mechanical Engineer.
Category: Plumbing
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Experience:  Retired mech. contractor, shop owner, 51 yrs experience.
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We have a well but no water in house.

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No running water in house. We have a well. There appears to be electricity getting to the closet in which we have the water tank, filter, etc. Do you need a well pump?

Already Tried:
Called in a serviceman. I'm a little annoyed because I got charged almost $400 for him essentially just replacing the pressure switch. He says that my well pump is malfunctioning and probably was the cause of the pressure switch shorting out. He said it's likely that this on/off thing with the water will continue until the pump is replaced.

The plumber could be right. we can check it however.
Stand next to the pump and tell me if its running or not, and if its cycling on and off or not.
Tell me what the pressure gage near the pump reads.
Confirm that is still no water flow into the house if thats the case.
If there is no flow, it could be a bad pump or a bad foot valve or check valve.
Tell me how deep the well is
We can go from there

Customer :
We have a 40/60 Pressure switch and we are at 0 pressure. Of course no water came out of the pipe when I turned it on.
Not sure on the depth of the Well.
80' depth for well

Phil :
Thats a deep well, the pump has likely lost is prime due to a bad foot valve or other check valve in the system... that would be the case if the pump itself is good.... or the pump could be bad.
Tell me if the pump is down inside the well or not, and all you see on top is the tank and a well head, with wires running down the well head.
If you have a clamp on amp meter, we can check the pump from the top to some degree...those are $60 at a big box type home improvement store.

Customer :
I've never opened the top of that pipe going into the ground. It's 6" in diameter. Will I actually be able to see anything if I open that up?

Phil :
don't open it

Customer :
I've got a multi-meter

Phil :
so far it sounds like a submersible pump.. at the far end of an 80' long pipe, down the well.

Customer :
Yes, the service guy was talking about pulling it out of the ground.

Phil :
if you do not see a pump near the well head, its a submersible pump
a big job
I will attach some diagrams

Customer :
He did take an ohm meter reading and said he didn't like what he saw. I don't remember the number, but it didn't sound good to me either.
Phil :

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