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new kitchen faucet bangs when turned on.

Customer Question

Last week, I installed a new kitchen faucet, a high arc, 2-handle with sprayer (nearly identical to what I previously had, but higher neck). It bangs when I turn the water on.


I hadn't used it much yet, but I am today -- I notice it also bangs when I turn the sprayer on and off.





Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Theplumber717 replied 5 years ago.

theplumber717 :

Hi my name is Gary, i am here to answer all of your plumbing questions. After the question process is complete please hit accept, Thanks On some faucets if you have good to hi water pressure make a bang or really a thump when the diverter is activated by turn on or off the spray hose, you could use the shut off valves under the sink to throttle the water down some and see if that takes the jolt out of the faucet when the diverter switches