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My Culligan Gold Series Water Softener is continuously running

Customer Question

My Culligan Gold Series Water Softener is continuously running water down the drain. I have manually cycled through the steps. The drive motor and associated parts seem to be working. I don't have enough information to be able to figure out if something is broken, stuck, or worn out. We have had the unit since April 2004, it has gone through 135 regeneration cycles. If there isn't a simple specific fix you can recommend, should I just dismantle an replace all O rings, or some sub unit, or the control valve, or ???
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Marc replied 5 years ago.

Marc the plumber : Hello and thank you for using I will assist you today with your question. Please accept the answer upon completion of the Q&A process.
Marc the plumber : From what you described you have done all the appropriate steps to control the issue, it sounds like the timer function is sticking in the cycle causing the flow to continue. At this point I recommend replacing the control head. Unfortunately you have all this time effort and money invested but I feel it is your best option.
JACUSTOMER-02vxr1pn- :

the timer is not sticking, I've run the cycle manually more than once, and the controller rotates to each position each time.

JACUSTOMER-02vxr1pn- :

Is a diagram of how the water flow is directed through the control head during each function available?

JACUSTOMER-02vxr1pn- :

Sorry I wasn't here for your answer, had to take the wife to the grocery store.

JACUSTOMER-02vxr1pn- :

I've got something else to do, so am leaving the computer now. If you have a reply, that is you think you can help me, is there a way I can reach you better than by just through this screen? I'll leave this open.

JACUSTOMER-02vxr1pn- :

Marc, thanks for your input. I think I'll just replace o rings, and the plungers. I don't think you were able to give a $50 dollar answer, but would you be amenable to $10?

JACUSTOMER-02vxr1pn- :


Marc the plumber : If you are not satisfied with the answer I expect nothing in return. I was under the impression you already replaced these items and apparently misread the question. I am also sorry for my delay in the response as I was taken away from my desk for a bit. I will opt out for another expert to attempt to assist you.
JACUSTOMER-02vxr1pn- :

Marc, if you come back again, I was typing the last few sentences when you re-entered the chat. I'm guessing you stepped back out before I posted. I'm leaving for a while, leave a message if you like. This is the first time I've tried I was hoping to get experience with the inner workings of the water softener, enough to be able to troubleshoot the specific problem on the specific unit. Your general answer is appreciated, but not at the level I was hoping for when I hit the deposit button. Is there a way to not accept your answer (which I believe will cost me the $50) without affecting your ratings, and still send you $10 for your time?

Marc the plumber : Also, we do not set the terms of payment and only recieve a percentage of the amount determined.
Marc the plumber : Thank you, good luck with the filtration unit, and have a great day!
Marc the plumber : Also unless you click on the accept button you are not charged, the deposit remains. You can contact customer support for a refund of your deposit if you so desire.