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Something is leaking under my kitchen sink. I cant tell if

Resolved Question:

Something is leaking under my kitchen sink. I can't tell if it is a new or old leak. I can only see that the bottom of the cabinet has the paint peeling, etc. I'm disabled so I can't feel under the sink or anything like that.

My disposal is supposed to be one of the highest quality. "It is used by all the huge houses & celebrities homes that have personal professional chefs". The make and model should be able to handle anything according to the gentleman that installed the unit. My home flooded and the contractor hired him so I can't check with him about anything.

I can see several places where the sink appliance is leaking on the outside. i have a Moen sink appliance. It has the little "stand" the a long "wand" with the "head" pulling out to reach more areas. Luckily Moen guarantees their products for life. I've got all the new parts but the "stand".

I have two questions for you:

- From what I've told you, is it more likely the garbage disposalie leaking?
- What is the average price to have someone come out to change out the sink appliance? This will have to be done either way.

I have American Home Shield with a $60 deductible. I'm trying to figure out if I should go through there service for this item alone or both or neither.

Finally, do you personally know any good plumbers in the Atlanta area?

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Plmqwk replied 6 years ago.

Welcome to Just Answer. I will do my best to fully answer your question(s).


Your leak may be something as simple as one of the drain piece connectors dripping or it may be coming from where the faucet and /or strainers connect to the sink. Based on what you told me about your no to old disposal it likely is not that.


I am not familiar with prices in Atlanta but likely a $100 minimum if it includes a travel charge which most do these days. As for a recommendation, we arent allowed to do that on the site here sorry.

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