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Jerry, Plumber
Category: Plumbing
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after I flushed the toilet, a very loud noise began in my

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after I flushed the toilet, a very loud noise began in my seems to mainly be coming from my kitchen. If some water is running there, it is quiet. If I turn it off it starts, it is almost deafening. When this has happened before, adjusting a faucet usually works. That is not working this time. It is after midnight and I just need a quick fix so I can go to bed. My house is 90 years old. Please help! Thanks.

Jerry : Welcome to JA!
Jerry : try turning the valve at the wall for the toilet off.

but the noise is coming from the kitchen

Jerry : kitchen faucet or pipes?



I think

Jerry : ok. try turning off the toilet.
Jerry : the fill valve on the toilet is known for making weird noises when going bad.

still noisy the only thing that stops the noise is running the kitchen faucet

Jerry : Single handle faucet?


Jerry : Brand?

moen and it is old


the noise seems to shake the whole house

Jerry : You'll probably need to turn off the water under the sink then get a 1225 cartridge for your faucet.

I have tried to turn off the water, I can't get it to stop completely

Jerry : Its leaking through the hot to cold most likely

so what can I do tonight so I can go to bed?

Jerry : So the turn offs also need work? Well you can either turn off your house or leave the water slightly on in the kitchen until you can get it fixed

I finally got the water turned off under the sink. I was turning the wrong knob before.However, when I turned it off the noise got louder than ever. Again, only running water stops it.

Jerry : There must be a fixture leaking do You have an outside hose near the kitchen?


Jerry : check it for leaks

oh my gosh! I t was the outside was dribbling but is off now, and the noise has stopped. Why did this happen? Do I need to call a plumber I still have a problem?

Jerry : great! could have been bumped? if it turns off without leaking its fine. Just may not have got turned off completely

What caused the noise?

Jerry : Just water traveling through small places. Could have a little junk in the line or some loose pipes vibration. If it doesn't occur during normal use I wouldn't worry.

ok thanks!

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