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My toilet leaks when flushed

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My toilet leaks when flushed
Welcome to Just Answer,

If water leaks out at the floor then the seal, where the toilet bolts to the closet flange, will probably need to be replaced. You should also check to see if the water is indeed coming fout at the floor and not running down from higher on the toilet.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have removed the toilet and it is not the flange. The water that is leaking is clean. I have also replaced one of the clear tubes with no success. So it must either be the pump or one of the other tubes. Yes, there is an electric pump. I am really looking for someone who is familar with this modern type of toilet.


OK, It could be the pump or the tubing but there is no way I or anyone else can determine that from here.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is there anyone I can talk to that has specific experience with this toilet?
I've never had a leaker so I can't. I'll open the question back up to my colleagues
i am verry up to date with this toilet i am the first plumber to install this toilet on eastern seabord ( kohler can back me up ) the toilet must be lifted and turned up side down then inspected in order to do this you shouls call kohler at 18004kohler and request an exploded view of the under side of this toilet it will show you were all the hoses go and so forth this is not a novice toilet and should be treated as so it is verry expensive but with the exploded view you can see what goes where just incase a hose came off. in my experience i had a leak on what looks like a zone valve under the toilet there is box wirh wires going to it i would start there first the seals sometimes go on the device causing a leak
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

After removing the Vitreous (toilet) I noticed the refill hose may be the problem. I initially replaced the first half of the clear tube, but that did not fix the leak. Now with toilet off, I can replace the second half of the refill hose. In addition, I noticed the end of the refill line, which connects to the underneath of the toilet, is metal (copper?) covered by black rubber. It appears to just be pushed into the porcelain hole. Perhaps I just need a new rubber end. Your thoughts are appreciated. I have a plummer arriving shortly.


make shure the fill hose is deep into the china if it is not far enough it




will splash out and appere as a leak

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have securely reinserted the fill hose to the china, but that was not causing the leak. It is the fill valve. When water is flowing into the tank through the fill valve it also squirts out the top. Unfortunately, it squirts out with such a force that the metal splash guard does not prevent a noticable amount of water to spray outside the tank, down to the floor. I live in an area that has very hard water, so I am going to soak it in CLR overnight and see if that doesn't help. If not, I will likely need to buy a new valve. Related question, the cover over the pump came away from the underneath of the toilet seat. I appeared to have come away from the china way to easily. I am going to epoxy it back and hopefully it will stay in place,and allow me to put the toliet back together again. Without the pump securely in place, it falls everytime I flip the toilet over. This is a very frustrating toilet.

i am not a fan of it either
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Have you experienced any similar problems with this fill valve? The name on the tops reads 747 Model 4 Fuildmaster. I am just planning on buying a new one, but am not convienced that it is broken.


Likewise, have you experienced any troubles with the design of the splasf guard. It has gaps where it clips on. So it obviously it not designed to hold back large gushes of water, which is what I am experiencing.

no i have not but like i said i installed a total of the first 10 in the USA in sands point and manhattan call it lick but the toilets work great no issues just a pain in the butt to set
Mario, Master Plumber
Category: Plumbing
Satisfied Customers: 815
Experience: Master Plumber, Fire Sprinkler, and Jobbing Spec.
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